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Good for your glove box, great for giveaways – Prime Shine coupon books are a flexible option. Available in all of your favorite wash types, simply present your coupons to the attendant and a clean car is just minutes away. Coupons are good for any vehicle and never expire.
Coupons cannot be purchased in combination with other Prime Shine offers. After completing a coupon transaction please return to shop for all other purchases. All coupon purchases will be sent the following business day to the physical mailing address provided via U.S. mail.


Your vehicle is pre-washed by our wash techs with a high pressure applicator and then guided through the soft cloth filled tunnel where the dirt and grime is gently massaged off. After this thorough cleaning your vehicle is rinsed with our special spot-free water and then dried with our "hands-free" drying system that whisks away water with 120 horsepower dryers!





In addition to the great protection of our Platinum Wash, the Protex wash adds a special formulation of the popular RAIN-X all surface protectant. “RAIN-X is not just for windows anymore,” and this unique product “PROTEX” the entire body of the vehicle as well as the windows. The RAIN-X bonds to all the surfaces of the vehicle thereby providing water repellency for safer driving in the winter and a layer of protection against bugs and dust in the summer.




The Protex wash that includes the specially formulated polymer sealant Wheel Guard to protect and shine your wheels.  A liquid polish is applied to the vehicle that is designed to slow oxidation and preserve your car’s clear coat. No extra time is necessary for this product. Finally, an exciting part of this wash package is that it includes a barcode receipt good for 50% off your next Premier wash when purchased within 5 days.  This discount applies to any vehicle.  In addition to this special wash, customers receive unlimited free use of the self-service vacuums.





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